Endings (album)

by Flights of Helios

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polymolybolywoly thumbnail
polymolybolywoly This album has been a long time coming, but it is testament to the greatness of the songs that they still evoke emotions and continue to impress. Even after nearly 4 years Factory is still my fave track and the album version is still a blinder, but to be fully enjoyed it needs to be heard live and live is where Flights excel, between Chris's enigmatic presence and Phil's banter you can't help but love them. Buy this for the car, but go see them perform. Favorite track: Factory (Endings mix).
Andrew Fletcher
Andrew Fletcher thumbnail
Andrew Fletcher So glad to be finally getting a copy of Donalogue. First caught you guys perform this at Gappy Tooth a number of years ago and it has spellbound me since.
Donalogue 12:10
I saw you first on a Sunday evening About the altar as I was kneeling Upon Christ's passion as I was reading But my eye was on you and my sore heart bleeding Oh Donalogue, can't you feel me near you Why don't you tremble the way that I do I'll be your lantern to show you truth plainly And if you are set on I'll defend you bravely For wild as crow is this heart within me Black as your shadow is this grief that blinds me Stained as a boot-print upon the polished hallway And it is you who has stained it, forever and always Oh, oh, oh You took what's before and what's behind me You took east and west when you admired me Sun, moon and stars from me you've taken And the god above, unless I'm much mistaken I saw you first on a Sunday evening About the altar as I was kneeling Upon Christ's passion as I was reading But my eye was on you and my sore heart bleeding Bleeding Sun, moon and stars Brother, lover, you're mine 'til the stars fall
Embers 03:25
Embers glow, tindered and they’ll grow Smoulders the fuel and lovers in bloom Burn and burn, as we radiate Kindle that heat, rekindle the downbeat Catches snapped edge, and matches to what’s said Burn and burn, as we radiate Burn and burn, changing our state Well-placed branches, who-cares advances Funeral pyre, cinders to desire Burn and burn, as we radiate Burn and burn, changing our state I’ll burn for you if you’ll burn for me We’ll radiate, combust naturally
the nurse can't find a vein to draw the blood but my wife can every time and in the factory, silently they're sleeping in two lines the money doesn't flow down here it's just a trickle from a murder scene it splits it leaves she has voices in her head waiting in the balance she sees stars a sky of stars in her mind all the girls look good in the summer in the kitchen she hits the boy i'm leaving i say and she says stay, stay i'm leaving i say and she says stay i had a dream of my father a meeting in a snow photograph this machine is tied to me it's my reflection now but the tiny thread is slipping through my hands i tried to pray but i did not know who to pray to the dead are singing like there's a crack in the land I'm walking in a dreamworld, I'm walking in a dreamworld I'm on fire drug dance excess warm loud breast club beat ringing girl lovely joy bellissima
Wandering rocks from where sirens call us But I never left those waves ‘cause the waves made Venus And in the stale moonlight You seem so right dear succubus And in the neon strip Wings seem clipped and your lips a must Streetlight covers head to toe But we’ve nowhere to go In this post-watershed haze Heavy breathing and eyes glazed Illuminated in the hotel lobby Starlit strumpet and lovers’ delight Hot as the witch’s hammer So familiar the familiar Candle flicker toe to head The smell of lust with a hint of dread Yellow bird and the sweetest tone Through every nerve to the bone Wandering rocks from where sirens call us But I never left those waves ‘cause the waves made Venus To lie upon, to lie beneath, to lie a lie
Funeral 09:52
I will write this down Before I forget ‘Cause I did you wrong Yeah I made a mess You kept a pretty ship Though the waves were cruel Now your sails are ripped The wheel is lost And all the stars confused You made a happy home For my ghosts and me Now watch the ashes blow Across the cemetery See I made you love me One more time But the end was waiting Somewhere in the dark Further down the line I could kiss you now Start the game again You said I was a child Well can a child be blamed Just want to hold your hands Just want to cloud your mind See I’m no clown or king I’m what I am I’m a man It’s so lonely in here Come closer
Cartographer 06:46
On this ground a giant skull was found, and when they dug round and tried to lift it it left their fingers blistered From the ground echoed an ancient sound such that the surrounding people gathered looked up and floated skywards All the ground glowed as the roots unwound and where the bone touched the trembling soil leaves grew and flowers coiled One by one the buildings came undone and when the fresh shoots and earth had risen the giant skull lay hidden On this ground a giant skull was found and all the people rose up and so the earth sighed and started over


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'Endings' is the debut album by Flights of Helios.


Christopher Beard - vocals, electric bass guitar
James Currie - drums, percussion, vocals
James Maund - electric guitar, vocals
Philip Hanaway-Oakley - vocals, bass guitar, electric guitar
Sebastian Reynolds - synths, vocal processing, piano, vocals

Richard Neuberg - backing vocals


released February 19, 2018


Composed and performed by Flights of Helios, except:
(1) Trad. Arr
(6) Composed by Bleeding Heart Narrative

Recorded with Richard Neuberg at Strawhouse Studios strawhousestudios.com

As well as recording and mixing 'Endings', Richard provided invaluable encouragement and experience and we thank him dearly.

Mastered by Tim Turan of Turan Audio

Artwork by Greg Orrom-Swan


all rights reserved



Flights of Helios Oxford, UK

Flights of Helios are a space-rock / drone-folk band from Oxford, UK.
“Fantastic... worth keeping your ears peeled for" (DrownedInSound)

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